McWhirter Locke Associates is a firm of Chartered Surveyors and Chartered Building Surveyors, based in London W1.

Residential Surveys

Before buying a home, it is important to know what condition it is in. If there are defects / short life materials, you may be faced with unexpected expense to rectify them. A building / structural survey should reveal them at a stage when decisions can be made about negotiations on the price or looking elsewhere.

With respect to Flats / Apartments, there will usually be provision to charge the leaseholder a proportion of the cost of repairs and decoration etc of the common parts, external walls, roof and external areas; possibly to include other buildings on the estate. Accordingly it is wise to check these as well.

Solicitors will usually advise their clients that once they have bought a property there is 'no come back' on the vendor if inadequacies or defects are subsequently found.

We provide a high quality service. We have an extensive knowledge of construction (both technology and practise) as well as long experience in defect diagnosis and building maintenance.

When instructing us you can expect your exact requirements to be discussed, considered and acted upon. The Inspection will be as thorough as possible. Helpful initial feedback will be provided. The written report will be jargon free, clearly explained and with useful recommendations. Answers to your subsequent questions will be willingly given.